It includes all the necessary equipment to support the aircraft when it is on the ground (electric, electronic, pneumatic, hydraulic, mechanical…), as well as that equipment to verify that all the systems work properly both at the level Hardware as Software, generating the contour conditions necessary for it.

Elimco Aerospace is a leader and expert in Test benches and good proof of this, is the trust that have deposited and deposit customers in the equipped with their laboratories, Final Assembly Lines (FAL) and flight lines of their different programs, with a multitude of equipment that guarantee the good work of the company. Elimco Aerospace performs all projects entirely through integral management.


Elimco Aerospace is a leader in the production of electrical systems such as harnesses, control units, bays and consoles. Elimco Aerospace is committed to the design, manufacture, integration, testing and programming of aeronautical, spatial and defence equipment and systems of high technological and innovative components.

Onboard systems are elements that are part of the aircraft and obviously have a completely different requirements to ground systems in terms of vibration, temperature, resistance, safety, EMI-EMC.

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