Production Engineer

11 June, 2018

We need you! We are looking for a person capable of performing the following tasks:
  • Coordination and control of production tasks: coordinates and controls that the production orders planned by the production manager are carried out, monitors the proper fulfillment of such production orders, program coordinates and supervises the execution of projects, distribution of production work for contracted customers.
  • Material and human resource management: distributing and archiving the area-related documentation, manages the manufacturing projects, deciding on the allocation of the necessary resources, performs the assessment of the fulfillment of requirements Legal, current regulations and contracted conditions, makes the necessary visits to the clients in order to obtain data, to offer measures of improvement for the good operation of the production equipment and the improvement of the service, monitors the fulfillment of the norms In force in the field of PRL, identifies and records any accident or non-conformity, plans together with the production manager The associated production needs, continuously monitors the profitability of the project and monthly information to Responsible for the production area, supervises the working parts of the manufacturing staff assigned to the different projects.
  • Collaborate and interact with other jobs: collaborate with the rest of the departments in the related topics of their area, communicates to the responsible of quality and environment, any problem or incidence, collaborate with him in the elaboration of the Documentation of the management system, relations with clients and suppliers, collaborate with the production manager and its assistant in the definition and concretion of the production objectives, collaborate with the Dept. of PRL for the fulfillment and control by the workers in their charge.
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